Product Overview

Under-Road Units

Infrastructure built of copper coils under the asphalt

Management Unit

Transfers the energy from the electricity grid to the road infrastructure and manages communication with approaching vehicles

Vehicle Unit

Receivers are installed on the floor of the vehicle to transmit the energy directly to the engine and the battery while driving

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Operates on a cloud, it can communicate with all management units and all registered  vehicles


Minimization of battery size

cheaper, lighter, more efficient and more space for passengers and cargo

Increase utilization

no idle time due to charging

Elimination of range anxiety

and dependency on battery performance

Shared platform for all EVs 

reduces deployment investment

No charging stations

saving land resources and visual hazards

Leveraging existing infrastructure

no need for new grid infrastructure and transformation stations

Minimization of pollution and carbon emissions due to electrification

Supports distributed renewable energy

systems by connecting to multiple renewable energy stations along the routes

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