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Israeli Startup Is Testing Out The Country’s First Electric Road In Tel Aviv

26   /   05   /   2016


ElectRoad says its technology charges vehicles via cordless power transfers as they drive

Tel Aviv is about to become one of the first cities to test under-the-road electric charging beds. Using Israeli technology, this could be used to charge electric cars while they drive over it.

Electric vehicles batteries are heavy, expensive and can not produce enough power for long distances. Israeli startup ElectRoad has developed a technology designed to power and charge vehicles by means of cordless power transfers as they drive.

According to ElectRoad the electric lines can be integrated into urban roads at a rate of one kilometer per day. Supply is coming directly from the power grid. A bus will be able to travel for up to 5 kilometers on a regular road after being charged on the electric road.


The company says in Europe about 60, 000 buses per year are replaced meaning that the companies can pay back their investment within three years for the average electrified road.

As for now, ElectRoad in partnership with municipality, is embedding a strip of a road in northern Tel Aviv. They carved into the asphalt and a chain of copper loops inserted. The chain is connected to a power converter at the side of the road. The trial means to test how the technology stands up to vehicle traffic and weather over the time.


Source: Jewish Business News