Charge-While-You-Drive Startup ElectReon Partners With German Energy Company EnBW

By Calcalist, Dec 9th, 2019


In a major step towards bringing the global mobility electrification revolution to the next critical stage of full implementation, SmartRoad Gotland has commenced the process of building its demonstration road in Sweden.

Electrified roads: worldwide trial overview

Oct 9, 2019 By Transport Engineer

A number of electric roads are currently in testing, mostly in Sweden, Germany and China. Invited by a Swedish Transport Administration official, Tim Wynne-Jones reports from Frankfurt’s ERS conference in May 2019

Electric Roads Could Be a Path to a Driverless Future

Oct 7, 2019 By The New York Times

A number of electric roads are currently in testing, mostly in Sweden, Germany and China. Invited by a Swedish Transport Administration official, Tim Wynne-Jones reports from Frankfurt’s ERS conference in May 2019

A number of electric roads are currently in testing, mostly in Sweden, Germany and China. Invited by a Swedish Transport Administration official, Tim Wynne-Jones reports from Frankfurt’s ERS conference in May 2019

The project will include the construction of 1.6 kilometers of electric road as part of a 4.1 km. route connecting Visby Airport to the city center, located on the Swedish island of Gotland.

ElectReon uses smart road technology for wireless charging of electric vehicles.​

The Tel Aviv municipality will conduct a pilot of an electrified road section for passenger buses developed by ElectReon Wireless (TASE: ELWS). The pilot includes deployment of at least one kilometer of electrified road infrastructure and testing the economic viability of operating a bus on the company infrastructure. The pilot is in cooperation with Dan Bus Company.

ElectReon installs coils beneath the surface of roads for charging electric vehicles while they are traveling.ElectReon Wireless Ltd. (TASE:ELWS), which develops smart road technology that wirelessly charges electric cars, has signed a cooperation agreement with French-Japanese auto manufacturer Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.


חברת אלקטריק רואד מקיסריה השלימה ניסוי שנמשך שנתיים. כעת היא בונה מסלול ניסויים באורך של כמה מאות מטרים שיאפשר הפעלת אוטובוסים חשמליים בלא צורך לבצע עצירות ממושכות לטעינת הסוללה

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, electric vehicles are attracting attention, and it is said that there is a shift from gasoline engine cars to electric vehicles (EV) including Europe.

As the world gears towards an all-electric future, automakers around the globe are laying the foundation for improved charging infrastructure to enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). We dive into the emerging charging technologies to watch for and the companies that are leading the charge in EV innovation.

Electromagnetic induction gets rid of cables

A wise driver keeps an eye on the fuel gauge, to make timely stops at filling stations. For drivers of electric cars, though, those stations are few and far between.

Thinking Outside the Box 

The startup company ElectRoad was founded three years ago by two partners and entrepreneurs, Oren Ezer and Hanan Rumbak. Aside being hard-core entrepreneurs, the two also share a common philosophy that seeks to improve our quality of life, reduce air pollution and create a better world for people and animals alike. In Ezer's words...

Wireless charging electric roads just took a big step forward, as Tel Aviv transit service Dan Bus Company announced plans to invest $2.2 million in ElectRoad. ElectRoad’s technology buries electric coils beneath roads to wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they drive.

Future EV drivers may never have to worry abo...

Israeli company ElectRoad's technology uses electrical coils beneath roads to power electric cars.

Several months after announcing its intention to acquire ElectRoad and merge it into itself, Biomedix Incubator Ltd. (TASE:BMDX) yesterday signed a cooperation agreement in which Dan Bus Company will invest up to NIS 8 million, contingent on completion of the...

Solar, water, geothermal and wind power, battery techs and electric-car components are areas where Israelis are leading the renewable revolution.

Everyone knows that fossil fuels are an unsustainable source of energy, dirtied by pollution and politics. But global attempts to find alternatives on a mass scale have had limited success.


While plenty of attention is focused on the growing popularity of electric cars, far too little is paid to the roads the cars themselves are actually driving on. Sure, we get to cover an innovative new surface material every now and then but for the most part, roads have not changed a whole lot in the past few decades.

A new collaboration between the...

Electric vehicles have long been a promising option for sustainable transportation. They come with practical headaches like expensive, bulky batteries that often need recharging, however. Israel is tackling those hurdles by investing in roads that power electric buses—as they ride down the street. The government is collaborating with Israeli start-up Elec..

ElectRoad has been chosen as Category Winner in the Transportation Category. 


Competition was very tough and you and your team should be very proud of your achievement.

In this sixth year of the Awards, Katerva received over 500 nominations across their ten categories: Energy & Power; Food; Environment;Transportation; Smart Cities; Ec...

We’ve all heard of electric cars, but how about electric roads?

While driving an electric car has many advantages; it’s 100 percent emission-free so it promotes clean air and costs less than fueling a regular car, the need to charge it often is a major drawback. Most fully electric cars on the market today offer a range of 75 to 100 miles, which is fine fo...

Forget the charging port—the roads of the near future could power your electric car while you drive, eliminating the need to ever stop to recharge or refuel again. Israeli startup Electroad is working to pave the way towards a greener world with technology that retrofits existing roads with buried coils to inductively charge electric vehicles. The team ha...

An Israeli startup is testing an electric road that would charge cars while they drive.

Oren Ezer, the entrepreneur who started ElectRoad, told Haaretz that it's actually relatively simple to make a "smart road."

Copper chains are inserted into grooves in the asphalt, then connected to a power converter on the side of the road that links to the city's...

The new ElectRoad wireless charging solution can be implemented in any roadway and will end dependence on expensive batteries.

Electric vehicles are the solution for the air pollution problems faced by urban locales. But their batteries can only produce enough power for limited distances, and are also heavy and expensive.

An Israeli startup, ElectRoad, has...

ElectRoad says its technology charges vehicles via cordless power transfers as they drive

Tel Aviv is about to become one of the first cities to test under-the-road electric charging beds. Using Israeli technology, this could be used to charge electric cars while they drive over it.

Electric vehicles batteries are heavy, expensive and can not produce enough...

Israel’s ElectRoad has won a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program to develop technology that will charge electric buses from a device under the pavement.

Israel’s Electroad has developed Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) that will charge electric buses from the road they are being driven on. No need for a battery or charging spots. Ele...

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads!” Fans of the 1985 film “Back to the Future” watched the year 2015 slip from a promising future into a disappointing past with no sign of time travel, Mr. Fusion or flying cars.

And while hoverboards came surprisingly close to reality, even these require roads (of solid copper.) But rather than w...

A road in North Tel Aviv is to be one of the first to test under-the-road electric charging beds; Israel’s Sensifree has developed a unique low-power RF based sensor technology that can accurately monitor biometric data without touching the body, and much more.


Tel Aviv tests an electric road

A road in North Tel Aviv is to be one of th...

Horizon 2020

October 1, 2015

ElectRoad has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement. This program helped to focus our objectives, define the first market segment and identify and connect with strategic partners