Company Description

Electreon is a publicly-traded Israeli company, a global leader in developing and
implementing Wireless Electric Road Systems (ERS) - a shared, invisible platform
that wirelessly charges commercial and passenger electric vehicles while driving
By significantly decreasing battery size, cost and weight and improving operational efficiency,
Electreon offers governments, cities and fleet operators the most sustainable and cost-effective
solution on the way to 100% global electrification



Hitting the road

ElectRoad is founded by Oren Ezer and Hanan Rumbak with one mission in mind: to reduce air pollution within cities by increasing the adoption of electric vehicles


To change the entire transportation segment worldwide, thus reducing energy consumption by the massive adoption of electric vehicles and the creation of an affordable, clean and energy sharing solution for public transportation.


The world is becoming progressively more cooperative.

The solution we offer provides a sharing platform: instead of carrying an individual battery, you use of the electric road. We aim to transform public infrastructure into a collaborative energy resource.




We believe that the integration of Autonomous Vehicles along with the Electric Road technology will lead to cheaper public transportation that can operate 24/7. We chose urban public transit as the entry point for two reasons:

It serves a huge population.

It is a major source of pollution.


We do not intend to stop there. Once the technology is deployed on main roads for the use of public transport, ElectReon will implement the technology for car-sharing services, taxies, trains, and autonomous vehicles.



To significantly increase the rate of electric vehicle (EV) penetration

To reduce the weight and cost of vehicles

To remove the need to charge or refuel and eliminate range anxiety

To reduce the need for battery disposal and recycling




This is a major change in the transition to electric mobility. More electric vehicles equal less pollution. The use of an electric vehicle will dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. ElectReon's road infrastructure within a city can increase the adoption of electric vehicles such as buses, trucks, autonomous cars, and private cars




A revolution of the entire transportation segment through a gradual evolution that will create a better and cleaner world



Has a unique system vision, a rare capability to create almost everything on his own, and with a combination of an endless giving capacity, he is of great value to the company.

He holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering. Over the past seven years, he has worked as a mechanical engineer and system engineer at Stratasys Ltd, which develops 3D digital printers

An M.Sc Magna Cum Laude degree graduate in electronic engineering, specializing in signal and video processing. Co-founded Electreon in 2013. Along with vast experience in leading several startups, he has acquired knowledge in managing large-scale multidisciplinary projects for major international companies. He has held a senior position as a chief electronic engineer and head of the R&D department at Elop (a division of Elbit system) while managing dozens of projects such as missile tracking systems, thermal imaging systems and laser systems

Co-Founded Electreon in 2013. He desires to create a better world for both animals and humans. With 40 years of professional experience in developing complicated analog systems, he has served in different R&D positions developing major systems. He is the owner of several inventions and register patents.

Over the past six years, he has become recognized as an international expert in high-power wireless charging systems

An experienced and creative entrepreneur, manager and investor, expert in cleantech and mobility technologies, markets, regulation, and policy.


In 2011 Noam co-founded and was VP Business Development at Capital Nature; Israel's leading clean energy and mobility investment and acceleration firm, the first investor in Electreon. Noam served as a director in Electreon since 2015


In 2006 Noam co-founded and was director of Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy initiative, Israel's leading clean energy entity. Prior to that he founded one of Israel's first internet software companies, Cortext, sold to VCI, a NASDAQ listed company.


Noam is also the founder and chair of Israel's biggest clean energy conference – the Eilat Eilot conference.

Holds BA in Business and MA in Environmental studies, both from Tel Aviv University

A decade of experience as a key finance leader in several companies, public and privet and PWC Israel. Throughout his career, he has gained experience with high-tech and life science companies, multinational corporations and Israeli public companies. Over the past 5 years he was the CFO at Apostherapy Israel during that time he managed the finance department, played a key roll and provides professional insight in the fields of business model, finance issues, audit, tax etc.

He is a CPA and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting.

With extensive experience in developing compelling power systems and working in several start-ups and large companies, He has gained extensive knowledge in the design of several watts batteries operated circuits to Mega-watts UPS systems.

He owns two patents in power electronics and holds a B.Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Dan is a leading expert in Smart Grid and Electric Transportation, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas, Energy Efficiency and standardization. 

He is the former Director of the Electricity Authority in the Ministry of National Infrastructures and was the Chief Electrical Engineer at Better Place Ltd (electric vehicle)

Dan holds a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from the Tel Aviv University and M.Sc. Degree in Energy Engineering from the Technion


He has previously been working as a senior researcher at RISE in various electromobility projects. He led the Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads in Sweden and has also been the Swedish project leader of the collaboration on electric roads between Sweden and Germany.

He has an industrial background from Scania where he has been evaluating and testing the concept of electric roads using both inductive and conductive power transfer in many different research projects.

He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology His intial research area was systems engineering of vehicle electronics and his PhD thesis investigated how Lean thinking can be applied to system architecting and was defended in march 2011

As the founder of the electric road system (ERS) definition, Stefan has for almost a decade studied challenges and opportunities of commercializing ERS in large-scale deployment. He is an expert on business models, sustainable transition, policy, and systemic innovation and has previously worked as Senior Researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Holds a M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Industrial Economics and Management, both at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. His doctoral thesis is one of world´s first on ERS and is entitled “Preparing for takeoff – Analyzing the development of electric road system from a business model perspective”


Tel: + (972) 76 5409944

Hadasa Neurim, Beit Yanai

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